Friday, October 8, 2010

Lou's Story

"Hi Bro Bo,

I’ve known u since I got a mail from a friend about your blogs and site. Til’ then I've read ur inspiring blogs.. I really love it. Part na nang daily life ko ang pagbasa nang mga blogs mu.

Just this year I added u on my facebook acct. And I just want to share and to know ur advices about this ""How To Be Really, Really, Really Happy"". I’m not expecting to have ur book, for me’ reading ur blog on site’ sapat na sa akin... kasi hindi ko din alam kung saan mabibili yung libro mo.. Madami guro kaming nagpadala sayu ngayun.. at sana mababasa mulang ang letter ko.

I’m here in UAE. (hope u won’t published my Identity) Just want to share about my life to u thou I really don’t know u personally but I know’ you’re like friend, sa lahat ba na mababasa sa site mu para na ring kilala kita.. It helps a lot to the people that could enlighten their minds.

Asking your thoughts on how just to be happy... Simple lang naman ang gusto ko sa buhay.. Have a Happy Family. Both my husband and I decided to live here after I gave birth to our son. . . Pero nong una’ nagtatrabaho ako dito at umiwi sa Cebu nong 6mos pa yung dinadala ko until I gave birth. This was the part of my life that I’d longing for his time and care since naiwan ako sa pinas. November of last year kaming buo dito. At first, I know life abroad isn’t that easy.. ikaw lahat. I have a reason nga hindi na pupunta didto, but since he asked me and It’s time to build a family on our own, I said Yes. I’m expecting a lot from him to have more time in building a family with our son. But I’m disappointed, almost a year na kami dito,, but sad to say’ still searching for happiness. I thought pagbuo na kayo okay na lahat, pwed na lahat.

Having a fight about this issue with my husband, akala ko maintindihan nya ang lahat na ninais ko. Inintindi ko nalng na adjustment sa amin. But till now, I’m always longing for his time and care. Ang problema lang kasi is lahat sa kanya importante ang trabaho nya.. He dedicated more of his time at work. Daily for Overtime, and Restdays (fri and Sat) will be a Working Days for him. May mga time kaming makapagbounding pag-ini-insist ko ang gusto ko. Sapat na sa kanya maibigay nya ang material na bagay sa amin. Sapat na sa kanya na makita nya kami sa paglabas nya sa bahay and after his work. But I really need him, sya ang gusto ko. Hindi ang material na bagay. Hindi naman kasi lahat nang happiness you’ve longing for is makukuha sa material na bagay. Hindi niya ako maintindihan dito. Pero pinipilit kong intindihin sya and his work. Para bang between his career and family, mas mabigat ang career nya.

Always trying to let him know how important to have a time for family. Yung blogs mo about family, relationship and children ini-email ko sa kanya para mabasa nya while working. Pati quote ni Bryan Dyson (former CEO of coca-cola) “You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four Balls – Family Heatlth Friends and Spirit – are made of glass. If you drop one of these; they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for it.’ Work efficiently during office hours and leave on time. Value has a value only if its value is valued”. Everything I did to help the situation was of no avail. Nothing worked. Malaking bagay daw sa buhay namin ang trabaho nya’ kaya he worked hard for it pero halus walang oras na talaga sa amin. Ni hindi na kami makapagsimba dito since Sunday is start of work so nagrorosary na lang akong mag-isa.

I get jealous if I’ve seen some picture of my friends having more time with their kids. Maski sa kapatid kung mga lalake sa pinas thou their earnings ay hindi sapat nga mabibili nila lahat pero makikita kong masaya sila. And I feel pity for myself na kung saan buo kaming tatlo dito’ kunti lang yung bounding moments namin. This must the time sana that my child will experience the care and love of his parents. Ito ang pakakataon nga buohin ang pagkatao nya with his both parents on his side. For many attempts, nga mababago ang flow ng buhay namin, gusto ko nalang maging manhid sa lahat and to accept that this is my life with him. Even ramadan time thou working hours cut-off is until 3pm, he extended his time until 6pm as usual working time. Sa utak ko binabalak kong magtrabaho uli’ at hindi na sya intindihin for he could feel’ kung anong kawalan ang walang time sa isat-isa but my son will be the one who will suffer for this plan. I decided na uuwi na this september after ramadan. I’m always praying that he would realize kung gaano talaga ka importante ang family sa kanya. If nasa cebu na kami’ kung wala na kami dito sa kanya, mami miss nya kami. Sayang ang ibinigay na panahon sa aming tatlo.

But I’m still hoping for the best for us with our son even we’re apart. I will try nga magampanan ko ang pagiging Ama sa aking anak. Ganito talaga siguro ang buhay OFW ang partner mu. Children will grow old na konti lang yung time maexperience if isa sa parents nya ang wala. Simple lang naman ang gusto ko ang buo at masayang pamilya… that’s why I share this to u Bro Bo, I need your advise on how could I be happy if my partner wont give his time. Hindi nalang yung be really really really happy. Just to be happy for my life that I want. I am always thankful for GOD that he showered more blessings to us but I always pray to God for this “ Happy Family for a Happy Life”.

Thanks for reading and spending time with this letter of mine.

More power. God Bless.


Hi Friend,
I feel your pain.And I can only offer you my prayers.I will pray for a transformation for your husband’s heart.May he learn the supreme importance of relationships in life.While waiting for this transformation, just love him.Instead of nagging him, appreciate him for whatever little time he gives you.What gets appreciated gets repeated.Even if it’s just a few minutes with him, be happy and show it.Thank him that he’s there with you.

Praying for you,

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  1. Hi friend, i understand what your husband feels.
    Though i am not married, i have a brother who is really suffering from loneliness abroad. he just wanted his wife and daughter to be with him in Saudi. he told me he would be really happy if they can join him. So i think, maybe you just have to appreciate all the hard work that your husband is doing. Bro.Bo is right, love your husband and cherish every little time that you are together. Everything will be fine in God's time. God bless!