Thursday, August 26, 2010

Carrie's Story

Our letter for this week is from another anonymous letter sender. We hope that a lot of you will be touched by her story... Lets just call her Carrie...

Dear Bo,

I want to thank you for inspiring a lot of people. You are God's instrument in making His people feel that life is beautiful.

I want to share with you a story about my struggles as the eldest daughter in my family. At an early age, I had to work to support my studies. I stopped after 1st year college and I worked as a call center agent to save money for my education. My brother also stopped for two years after High School because we didn't have the means to support him. Now, he is currently in 3rd year college and 1 more year to go before his graduation. Now, the bunso of the family, my sister, is out of school. I had to apply for a job abroad so I can earn the money needed for her education. I am very happy whenever I am helping my family. I would love to see my siblings finish their studies and have a good future of their own. It's sad that I have to leave my family but I know that this is for the good of the family.

Sometimes I cry and I feel that I've missed some good opportunities because I sacrificed a lot for my family. I know that love should be unconditional but human as I am, I also want to be happy. My personal life is far from being a happy one. My boyfriend cheated on me when I thought that he was faithful and sincere. It's still good that before leaving the country God showed me his real colors. God hurts us so we would learn. He gives us pain so we can see the truth. I am thankful that although my heart was broken, he saved me from a relationship that would hurt me more; he saved me from a relationship that would not make me happy.

I never thought that God really answers prayers quickly. After this, a new person came along. He made me see myself again. He brought out the best in me. He showed me how beautiful my heart is and that I also deserve to be happy. We went on a date and we became close. We talked about anything under the sun and I got to know him and he got to know me but just last week, he changed. He didn't communicate with me anymore. I am leaving soon and I don't know if I should tell him how I feel. Maybe he thinks I am not interested because I'm always not available since I am the breadwinner of the family. i work even on weekends.

Bo, I want to be happy too. I love my family and I would do everything for them but there are times when I feel alone. There are times when I feel emptiness in my heart. There are times when I had to let go of love so I can give them the best future I can. Now, I've met the man I really love, but I am leaving soon. We are not talking now because he thought that his love was not reciprocated. What should I do? Should I tell him my feelings? I don't want to regret this. I am sure he loves me too.

I love my family but I also need someone who will love me aside from them. I'm not getting any younger too. I've been working since I was 19 and now I feel tired and lonely. I just keep on thinking about making my family's dreams come true and now I realized that I also have my own dreams.

Thank you for your time and more power.


Dear Carrie,

I admire you so much.And I'm sure God is pleased with what you're doing for your family.He honors your generosity.And God will reward you!No good deed will be left unrewarded.Earth isn't our final destination.Heaven is our final reward.But even in this world, I know you'll have a foretaste of these rewards.

I encourage you to start saving, start investing--no matter how small--for your own dreams.This requires discipline, but it can be done.Follow the advice I give in my financial books, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich and Choose To Be Wealthy.

I believe you can do both: Helping your family and building your own dreams.It's not impossible.

About your love life: You can give "signals" to the man that you'll be open to him should he pursue you.Sometimes, men are afraid of rejection. Giving these "signals" will give him courage.If he really wants you, he'll pursue you, wherever you go.

Praying for you,

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