Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lito's Story

Dear Bro. Bo,

First of all, I want to thank God for blessing me through you. I have been reading your blogs for more than a year now and everytime I do, I learned something new. In some instances, I realized that I do not know that I already know. There are five most important blessings that happended to me in the past year.

First blessing I received is when the previous company I worked with was not able to pay my salary for almost a year. I considered this a blessing because if not for this crisis I will not look for reasons why God would allow me to suffer. Yes..that is my belief before that God intended me to suffer for my sins! I thought "I failed God". Then one day, I remembered about your talk that I stumbled upon in TV Maria a few months ago. I searched for you on the internet. That's when I found your blogsite. One of your blog convinced me to quit my job. It's "Failure is not God's rejection but God's redirection". I was strongly convinced to quit when I am reading the part about "Flight Training is Cruel". I realized that God is preparing me for something more meaningful. He is pushing me to have a bigger Faith in Him. When I quit my job I do not have any company to transfer to. That's how big my Faith in God compared before. Two weeks after I quit, I got some referrals but did not pushed through. If I cannot find a job soon my children won't be able to enrol in the coming schoolyear. Would you believe that I do not even have any money to buy food for my family? I do not know how we were able to survive the cirsis (I know that our family's Faith in God played a major role). Suddenly, an agency in Singapore called me up regarding a job opening for an Israeli company. I will be based in Philippines in a home-office setup. After another 2 weeks, I signed the contract and set to start the following month. All I can say is "Thank you Lord!"

Second blessing I received is related to the first, as I told you earlier, if I cannot find a job soon I won;t be able to send my children to school. While I was reading one of your blog, I came upon an article "We don't send our kids to school". Even without completely reading your article, I am already convinced that I will homeschool my kids. Now I need to convince my wife to the idea of homeschooling. I didn't do it. What I did is to convince her to attend the homeschooling seminar in your Cubao office. When she finally agreed to go I said again" Thank you Lord!" I knew in my heart that we will homeschool our kids. Homeschooling is a blessing not only to me but to my whole family. We saved a lot of money and we are bringing our family together closer to God.

Third blessing I received is when I joind the TrulyRich Club and opened an account in Citiseconline. I have been dreaming about this since I start reading about your articles but it finally came true this month. I have now started investing for my family's future. Thank you Lord!

Fourth blessing I received when I started attending the Feast in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Last Sunday is our second time to attend, Jon Escoto said something that struck my heart. I can't remember the exact words but here is how I got the message "Kaya paulit-ulit ang dinadanas mong paghihirap sa buhay ay dahil di mo pa natututunan ang gustong ipahiwatig ng Diyos sa iyo". I realized that I have been blessed financially a couple of times in my life but I always ended up with nothing. I realized that the blessings I received was not shared with God and my neighbors. Now I lam more wise. I am giving tithes to God and share our blessings with the needy. God continuously bless us financially and spiritually. Thank you Lord!

Fifth and most important blessing happened in CFA when I was able to meet you in person, have chat with you, and take photo. I really thank God for blessing me through you. Thank you Lord!

I know that God will continuously bless us. We will continue praising God in everything we do.

I dream of serving in Light of Jesus and donating a million dollars to the Ministry.


Lito Lozano

Hi Lito,

You're letter is so encouraging.
I'm encouraged to keep serving God.
Thank you so much for inspiring me.
Thank you for being so open to God's Word.
I know this is just the beginning.
May He use you and your family more!
May others come to know God's Love because of you...


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  1. As I was reading the post, I had the feeling I was reading my own life experience; i went through the same agonizing experience for the past two years not even knowing where the next food on the table would come from. I went through a time of uncertainty and depression. I'm now back on track and looking back now, I came to realize how the helping hand of God worked - He showered me with old reliable friends who were sources of material and moral assistance; very supportive family whom I didn't have to ask what I needed; and a wife and three kids who understood me when we were down. My wife worked with me in putting up a small business and was very patient in trying up a lot of things that will earn us our daily upkeep.
    I remember exactly that day while sitting at the beach while reading my daughter's little note to me that read "I love you Dadi,Mami" that she wrote with her waterpaint which is near gone..I wrote on that piece of paper a promise to her that we will regain the comforts she / they used to enjoy. I still have that note and check listing every promise that I wrote on that note. Looking back, that episode of my life has given me more than enough time to review my life and realize the mistakes, the time lost and opportunities I let slip through my fingers. I can not change the past but I can do better moving forward. I can not say I fully know the Lord nor do I claim closer relationship. But I do know, and felt all throughout this phase of my life - his presence and helping hand, his guidance and direction, his patient re-education and re-orientation - and if only for that, I have an entire lifetime to be thankful to Him. I can now rest assure, that if ever, same episode repeats itself, I'm better prepared, more accepting and say, "I can't do this alone, direct and guide me." mbr